Last day in NY

The third and final day of the conference was theoretically the same length as the others, but thanks to a combination of sunny weather, fatigue, and mental overload, it ended for me after only three hours. I had done what I’d come to do–meet nice people, learn, and figure out what to do next with … Read More »

Day 3 in NY

As expected, the conference is busy. Even though I’m staying with L on the Upper East Side, the hotel at 32nd and Broadway feels like home base. But the sightseeing can wait until a Christmas visit in December, because I will forever plug the Backspace Writers Conference. After a day of panels, I have blog … Read More »

Day 2 in NY

Thursday was Agent-Author Day. That means that I showed up at the Radisson with 25 copies of my query letter, my first two manuscript pages, and a piece of paper that now looks like a paranoiac’s last will and testament. That would be my pitch, fully revised four times while sitting in the back row … Read More »

Day 1 in NY

You know you’re not in Oregon anymore when strangers don’t make eye contact. And you know you’re in New York when everything gets narrower, dirtier, and darker–starting with the brown tile stairs down to baggage claim at LaGuardia Airport. On my obligatory I’m-here-alive phone call, E said I sounded nervous. I feel fine, I said. … Read More »

Backspace Writers Conference

What: Backspace Writers Conference Where: The Radisson Martinique Hotel, New York City When: Thursday, May 28 to Saturday, May 30 Details: The conference will be a great learning and networking experience, and from what I’ve heard about conferences, a great drinking experience, too. The goal is to remember the “beer before liquor…” jingle, and oh, … Read More » launches!

The new site is up and functional. E-mail me with comments if there’s anything you’d like to see here, and can’t find.

What’s next?

In progress is a second novel. In the spirit of John Berger’s From A to X and some of Ursula K. LeGuin’s short fiction, the new novel takes place in an almost-but-not-quite-recognizable Middle Eastern country, where two young men are struggling to escape to the Far East in search of work. What holds them back … Read More »

Review of “A Mercy” by Toni Morrison

American geography is often simplified into two colors along state lines, but Nobel laureate Toni Morrison returns to our variegated past in her new novel, “A Mercy.” The moveable feast of Native American, Dutch, French, Spanish, English and parochial territories is at once alien and intimate, for here is the primordial muck of commerce from … Read More »