Several folks have asked me lately, in the various and sundry ways of communication these days, what I’m working on. If you are one of the few, the proud, or the curious who swing by this blog from time to time to see how it goes with me and where the heck I’m living right now, I hope you will find this FAQ helpful.

  • I thought you were living in Oregon/Maine/Texas/California? The latter would be correct, but only until October. Then we might stay in California. Or go to Massachusetts. Or Virginia. I sure hope not Alaska. It depends on the Coast Guard clinic where E. will get stationed.
  • Wait, you’re married? You and I really haven’t talked in a while, have we? E and I are formalizing the whole shebang in Manhattan next month, where it’s legal ‘n stuff.
  • Wait, to a woman? Last time I checked, yep.
  • I thought you wrote fiction. What are all these Salon essays? My weekend fun. I do still, as ever, bleed fiction every morning from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.
  • What’s happening with that weird set-in-the-future Mideast novel? The great Marjorie Braman edited it last winter. I brooded on it for a year. Now I’m halfway done with a revision, and I’m posting chapters on Authonomy to see if the genre really is all that weird. The editors chose it as One to Watch last week. I hope the new draft is ready to submit later this spring—only, oh, a  year after I wanted it to be done and told people it would be done. (Clutches hair in hands.)
  • How’s business? The Threepenny Editor turned ten this month. It’s great. I’m booked until May, but taking a week off every month to write, though, for my sanity.
  • Did I see something about your going to school? I’m also getting a second bachelor’s in Arabic.
  • Do you still race? No, I just run. If you do, too, I’ll see you at the San Francisco Marathon this summer.