Valentine 2014

What matters to me on Valentine’s Day, what’s worth saying in a national storm of pink and red mylar balloons and overpriced greeting cards, is thank you. It has been a big year for love.

So, thank you for wearing a rainbow, even if you’re straight.

Thank you for painting Facebook red with HRC’s logo on March 26 and 27, the days when Supreme Court heard arguments in the Windsor and Prop 8 cases. This was purely coincidental with our wedding, but to us, it felt like the whole Internet had unknowingly sent us flowers.

Thank you, Mom and Dad, friends, and in-laws for coming to the wedding.

To the young Coast Guard yeoman, who processed my official spouse ID in September: as you waited for the card to laminate, you folded your hands under your chin and asked us, “So how did you meet?” My heart thanked you profusely because you saw the two of us women sitting there as nothing more or less than a love story to brighten up your morning.

Thank you to all the people who don’t miss a beat when I say¬†wife.

Thank you for having our backs. For supporting us. For speaking up for us when our own voices shake. For reinvigorating the meaning of friendship. For loving us back.

This Valentine is for you.