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Turf Wars

I am officially a homeowner now. All these years I’ve seen houses with tiny lawns and thought I’d like to have one, because I could trim it with one of those quiet, quaint little push mowers with the spinning blades. Maybe I got the idea from a Sunday comics page in my childhood. And I’ll say … Read More »

Hard as Hill: Wildflower Olympic race report

I should preface: There is a time and place for boat ramps. They help you get your boat in and out of the water without having to carry it yourself. And if, for some reason, you don’t like to walk in rocks and sand, or can’t take the stairs, a paved ramp into the water is … Read More »

“One time, at band camp…”

Somewhere along the paved slope of a road known ruefully as Nasty Grade, my wife Erin gasped these words over her handlebars. It took a minute, but the other dozen riders us–hypoxic and churning the pedals up the steep central Californian road–finally realized she was joking, and laughed. We’d been thinking the same thing: How can … Read More »

Starting Line: Thoughts on the 2014 Race Season

This week, the Oakland Triathlon Club announced its 2014 Elite Team. I’m extremely humbled to be a part of this group, which includes some of the Bay Area’s most promising athletes: Ian Ballentine, Christina Liebner, and coach Mitchell Reiss. We are already training for a very full season of Olympic-distance races: our top events include Wildflower, Escape … Read More »

This Is Your Valentine

What matters to me on Valentine’s Day, what’s worth saying in a national storm of pink and red mylar balloons and overpriced greeting cards, is thank you. It has been a big year for love. So, thank you for wearing a rainbow, even if you’re straight. Thank you for painting Facebook red with HRC’s logo … Read More »