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Notes from a Jailbreak

1.  If you have to run first, don’t run for miles. It’s better to swim away from the prison first, so that when you are a half-mile between the rock and the shore, your calf doesn’t bunch up into something the size and elasticity of a baseball. It’s difficult to swim successfully from Alcatraz with … Read More »

First Time Is a Charm: An Interview with Published First-Time Author Patricia Vanasse

Since I worked with an early draft of Patricia Vanasse’s paranormal YA manuscript in January of 2012, a lot has happened. Resilient was accepted and recently released by Pants on Fire Press, a boutique press. It also received some interest from Hollywood, and placed in the 2012 Golden Acorn Excellence in Writing Award. Any author would count these … Read More »


As my monthly writing week winds down, and I find myself still struggling with scenes between my protagonist and antagonist, I wanted to share a few insights on what’s working, what’s not, and what I’ve learned in hopes that it will be helpful to at least one of you. I admire Lajos Egri’s book on … Read More »

Fiction on the Digital Frontier: An Interview with Genese Davis

When I began editing Genese Davis’s The Holder’s Dominion in 2011, it fascinated me because it highlights the often-underestimated degree of connection between the online world and real life; it treats the Internet—and online gaming—as an extension of human society, not an alternative to it. I’m not a gamer, but I am someone who has moved around the … Read More »

Successes from 2012

Last year set all kinds of records: in my number of clients, in increasing my efficiency in the administrative side of my business, in attracting new visitors to this site, and most of all, in client successes. Here are the highlights: Harriet Parke’s novel Agenda 21 hit the bestseller lists on its launch day. Jen Westby’s beautiful … Read More »

Brave on the Page: A conversation about creative courage with Gigi Little

Portland, Oregon’s authors have many friends in common, and it’s a good day when two more of us meet, making its community even tighter. I had the honor of meeting Gigi Little this fall when our friend-in-common, author Laura Stanfill, included us in Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life, an anthology … Read More »

On elections and balanced rocks

I visited Sausalito for my birthday. You can see it here. Tuesday’s election made me look at this picture a little more closely. I took it while I sat along Bridgeway Street, watching a guy—whom people applauded and called Bill—stack these stones and flotsam into stable, vertical columns. He had very long arms and big … Read More »

Short story coming out in Grim Corps Magazine

I just got the great news that my short horror story, “Brindle,” will be published in Charles Brownson’s slick new horror/fantasy/magical realism venue, Grim Corps Magazine. The debut issue prints in January, and I am excited to be a part of it. What’s neat is that this is my first genre publication, and that Wednesday is … Read More »