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Ruination and retrogressive images

I have a fancy camera, bought seven years’ used, and a shared license to an old version of Photoshop. I do not have a smartphone nor the camera apps therein, but I like to play around with Instagram, retrogressing images of twenty seconds ago to some indefinite point in the 1970s, when images suffered for … Read More »

Story #2

As before, this story is for Erin, who is rididculously fond of fear. I hope you are, too. Get it on Kindle, or in any format from Smashwords.

New short story!

Over the next three weeks, I invite you to enjoy some seasonal reading fun with four new short stories I’ve written for Halloween. I took a brief hiatus from working on a revision of ROOM 100 to put these together, all of them prompted by my partner, who for reasons I don’t understand, loves to … Read More »

Dissecting Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award: An Interview with Semifinalist Tony Russo

Tomorrow, Amazon will name the winners of the Breakthrough Novel Award, its annual career-maker contest. This year over five thousand novelists submitted their manuscripts to a grueling elimination process that winnows entries down to a handful, to be chosen among by popular vote. The grand prize winner receives a $15,000 advance and a contract from … Read More »

On reading American news from Mexico

Before I sleep I see two news items: In the first, a bill will require a woman to get an ultrasound before aborting her fetus, so that she must see that cluster of cells in her belly before removing it. In the second, scientists have cultivated a small white arctic campion from 32,000-year-old seeds. A … Read More »

An abundance of English: A mishmash of new vocabulary

Enjoy these Scrabble gems shamelessly cribbed from Cormac McCarthy, an interesting book on Southwest gardening, and some other novels I’ve been reading. Btw, I’ve meant to post more on The Road–I will, when I’m back from being on the road. Until then, enjoy! caliche: solidified calcium carbonate in the Southwest desert anility: the state of … Read More »

Review of Republic bikes

I usually don’t talk about bikes here. But I still consider myself an Oregonian at heart, so where book talk is present, you may also expect to hear about coffee, beer, or bikes. So here we are now, talking about the build-your-own-online Republic bike sensation, between a conversation about typos and one about Cormac McCarthy. … Read More »