My piece on the Oakland Triathlon Club in Oakland Magazine

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

My article on how “a new run-bike-swim club wants to popularize an elite sport for everyone” is on shelves today in the East Bay!

Prez Chris Van Luen talking to kids on our visit to the YMCA in April.

Prez Chris Van Luen talking to kids on our visit to the YMCA in April.

Hooray for a feature spot in this summer’s Oakland Magazine!

Wednesday, April 30th, 2014

I spent most of the weekend hammering out a 1,200-word article about the Oakland Triathlon Club and its efforts to improve beginners’ access to our notoriously expensive sport. (Sometimes I joke that a drug habit would be a cheaper and more efficient use of time.)  Club president Chris Van Luen encouraged me to aim high with this one, but I submitted the article yesterday morning still wondering if it was presumptuous to submit an unsolicited “feature” article.

I got a call from the editor about two hours later. We’re going to be featured! Maybe even on the cover. And I’ll be writing regularly for Oakland Magazine. Look for the OTC article in the July/August issue (I’ll post a link when it’s live), and possibly a guide to East Bay bookstores sometime this fall. Other pieces are already in the works.

So… ahem. That went better than expected. Thank you, everyone who took the time to speak with me about the club and the August 30, first-ever Oakland Triathlon. See you all on the course!

It’s official: ROOM 100 has an agent

Saturday, January 18th, 2014

I couldn’t be happier to announce that Jenny Bent of The Bent Agency is representing my novel, ROOM 100. Jenny has seen a lot of my work since the 2009 Backspace Writers Conference in NYC, and one entirely different novel later, as well as many revisions, an amazing freelance editor, and the timely support of so many friends and loved ones, my writing got better.

As I work on revisions, I’m reminded that the desire to get better–along with a love of storytelling–is something that hasn’t changed since that day in high school when I picked up a pen and green spiral notebook, and started to write.

New story on post-DADT couples

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

My essay about my experiences as a same-sex military spouse appeared today as an editor’s pick on Check it out!

Successes from 2012

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Last year set all kinds of records: in my number of clients, in increasing my efficiency in the administrative side of my business, in attracting new visitors to this site, and most of all, in client successes. Here are the highlights:

  • Harriet Parke’s novel Agenda 21 hit the bestseller lists on its launch day.
  • Jen Westby’s beautiful memoir of grief Six Days of Kindness came out, following plenty of great local media attention.
  • David Seaburn’s fifth novel, Chimney Bluffs, was released by Savant Books.
  • Patricia Vanasse’s YA novel, Resilient, was accepted by Pants on Fire Press.
  • Nazli Ghassemi’s hilarious multicultural novel, Desert Mojito, earned almost $12,000 on Kickstarter.
  • Steven Maitland-Lewis’s novel, Emeralds Never Fade, won the 2012 Benjamin Franklin Award for a self-published novel.
  • Ross Goldstein sold the film rights to his self-published novel about cycling, Chain Reaction.
  • David Rothstein’s gorgeous self-published novel about the Civil War, Casualties, got a big sales boost when university classes started teaching it.
  • Tony Russo made it to the semifinals of the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award with his YA novel, Zak Corbin: Master of Machines.
  • Shelley and Jason McClanahan’s Sea of Jasmine rose through the ranks of Authonomy to become nominated as “One to Watch,” and got a personal submission invitation from an editor at HarperCollins.

I also had a few personal successes as a writer. This doesn’t usually matter much in the scheme of my business, but the foundation of my editing is a deep, personal connection to the struggles and aspirations common to every working writer. I also try to practice what I preach. Here’s what I’m proud of:

  • Attended the San Miguel de Allende Writers Conference in Mexico
  • Connected personally with several agents who invited me to submit my novel
  • Completed four short stories in a month, and two were accepted for publication
  • Had my first-ever article published on
  • Got included in two anthologies: Laura Stanfill’s Brave on the Page (interview) and the Association of Independent Editors guide, Self-Publishing! (article)
  • The Threepenny Editor entered its tenth year of business
  • Completed three semesters of Arabic, part of a research effort for my current novel
  • Ran a marathon

May 2013 bring health, wealth, and creative successes to each and every writer out there, on a tide that raises all boats. Happy New Year!

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