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Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

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Become a revision-savvy writer with the help of The Editor’s Lexicon: Essential Writing Terms for Novelists. It decodes, defines, and provides helpful examples of the editorial jargon used in writing workshops, critiques, and online forums. Written by an experienced editor and writing teacher, this dictionary-style reference book is a fundamental guide for writers across the spectrum of experience, editors who want to help their clients make better revisions, and book clubs and workshops that need a common language for discussing stories.

In the tradition of Strunk & White’s The Elements of Style, The Editor’s Lexicon is a concise, indispensable reference volume for every author’s shelf.


“The writing world has waited for a crisp, clear guide for novelists equal to The Elements of Style. This is that book. Every fiction writer and every editor should own, read, and reread Sarah Cypher’s concise masterpiece.”

–Elizabeth Lyon, freelance editor for over 25 years and author of seven books on writing, including Manuscript Makeover

“The Editor’s Lexicon is not only an essential tool for new writers, it’s an invaluable immersion into the realm of storytelling.  It transcends its surface function as a dictionary of literary terminology to create a contextual world of meaning for writers, one that reminds us of how many variables are involved and how essential the various storytelling elements become.  Too many writers develop their stories outside of this awareness, they write organically and instinctively, and at their peril.  This valuable book introduces the writer to the requisite building blocks of successful storytelling in a way that makes them immediately useful.”

–Larry Brooks, book editor and author of critically-acclaimed thrillers and The Three Dimensions of Character


The Editor’s Lexicon: Essential Writing Terms for Novelists

Glyd-Evans Press, 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9717960-7-2

80 pages, $9.95

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