Beyond 1,001 Nights

Publishers Weekly, Oct. 2, 2015 issue For a clue as to where science fiction and fantasy might be headed next, look to the Middle East, a region whose genre fiction seems poised for a breakthrough in the West. Earlier this year, John Siciliano, executive editor at Penguin Classics and senior editor at Penguin Books, acquired Frankenstein in … Read More » Op-Ed

“I Got Duped by Glenn Beck” November 19, 2012 Two weeks ago I discovered, to my surprise, that I had line-edited an early draft of Glenn Beck’s new novel, “Agenda 21.” Glenn Beck! At the time I was working on it, the manuscript belonged to its actual author, a woman named Harriet Parke, who lives a few … Read More » essay

Editor’s Pick, January 2013 Get to Know the Lesbians January 27, 2013 It’s a bit of a long story, how I found myself in pajamas, a gay woman, standing next to my pickup truck in the rain outside of Fort Sam Houston, discreetly ignored by all the hundreds of soldiers driving onto post. The story begins … Read More »

The Editor’s Lexicon

I wrote a book for writers. Become a revision-savvy writer with the help of The Editor’s Lexicon: Essential Writing Terms for Novelists. It decodes, defines, and provides helpful examples of the editorial jargon used in writing workshops, critiques, and online forums. Written by an experienced editor and writing teacher, this dictionary-style reference book is a … Read More »