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Progress by Retreat: Three Kinds of Writing Success

This month, I’m looking forward to spending five days in the Santa Cruz mountains at the Northern California Writers Retreat, an annual gathering of authors. The workshops will be led by an agent, a freelance editor, and a visiting author. There’s yoga and food and solo cabins. Basically it’s a dream come true for any self-employed … Read More »

Indie book advertising that works?

Yesterday, Lit agent Kristin Nelson wrote a blog post on Pub Rants–“Advertising That Works?“–that suggests a new way to publicize books. Ever hear of Groupon.com? It helps independent local businesses offer deals to local customers, sometimes at huge discounts. She sums it up like this: It introduces subscribers to local companies that they might not … Read More »

Conference report card

Venue: A Agents: A Value: B+ The coffee: A+ Fellow writers: A+ Like the Backspace Writers Conference last May, this autumn’s Backspace Agent-Author Seminar was the shortest distance between two points: writers and literary agents. Two days of 15-member workshops and panels made for two nights of dead-exhausted sleep and sore feet, if you happened … Read More »

…longed for the rhythmic pounding of the surf, and the salty sea air.*

What news? Pending my annual, five-day writing retreat at Rockaway Beach, I wanted to update my blog in grand Internet fashion: using a lot of words to say, basically, nothing much. Reseach on Book 2 continues at a loping pace thanks to Matt Beynon Rees, the prolific former Jerusalem bureau chief for TIME, whose information-dense … Read More »

Submissions update

A partial manuscript and full manuscript submission are still pending, and the good news of a few weeks ago (a cold query that turned into a request for a partial) came back with a form rejection last week. It’s been two months since the conference, and I am now wondering if I should query the … Read More »