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Turf Wars

I am officially a homeowner now. All these years I’ve seen houses with tiny lawns and thought I’d like to have one, because I could trim it with one of those quiet, quaint little push mowers with the spinning blades. Maybe I got the idea from a Sunday comics page in my childhood. And I’ll say … Read More »

Notes from a Jailbreak

1.  If you have to run first, don’t run for miles. It’s better to swim away from the prison first, so that when you are a half-mile between the rock and the shore, your calf doesn’t bunch up into something the size and elasticity of a baseball. It’s difficult to swim successfully from Alcatraz with … Read More »

Friday humor: Writing sins

I thank my father for forwarding me some laughs on a day when they are needed! Enjoy… +++++++++++++ Church Ladies With Typewriters They’re back! Thank God for church ladies with typewriters, and their church bulletin bloopers. These sentences actually appeared in church bulletins or were announced in church services. The Fasting & Prayer Conference includes … Read More »