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First Time Is a Charm: An Interview with Published First-Time Author Patricia Vanasse

Since I worked with an early draft of Patricia Vanasse’s paranormal YA manuscript in January of 2012, a lot has happened. Resilient was accepted and recently released by Pants on Fire Press, a boutique press. It also received some interest from Hollywood, and placed in the 2012 Golden Acorn Excellence in Writing Award. Any author would count these … Read More »

Fiction on the Digital Frontier: An Interview with Genese Davis

When I began editing Genese Davis’s The Holder’s Dominion in 2011, it fascinated me because it highlights the often-underestimated degree of connection between the online world and real life; it treats the Internet—and online gaming—as an extension of human society, not an alternative to it. I’m not a gamer, but I am someone who has moved around the … Read More »

Brave on the Page: A conversation about creative courage with Gigi Little

Portland, Oregon’s authors have many friends in common, and it’s a good day when two more of us meet, making its community even tighter. I had the honor of meeting Gigi Little this fall when our friend-in-common, author Laura Stanfill, included us in Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life, an anthology … Read More »

Author Interview: Ross Goldstein, a 2011 success story

In one of my clients’ biggest success stories of 2011, Mill Valley writer Ross Goldstein landed a film deal for his first novel, Chain Reaction, with Paloma Productions. I learned the news last month, and am delighted to share this interview with all you writers out there who are asking yourself if a well-written novel … Read More »

Interview with Cara Hoffman

Cara Hoffman’s SO MUCH PRETTY strikes at the roots of violence against women. It tells the story of a town’s complicity in the disappearance and murder of Wendy White, a wholesome and pragmatic young woman who resists the “blame the victim” attitude that permeates our culture’s response to rape. Thanks to its remarkably thoughtful orchestration, … Read More »

An interview with author David Seaburn

David Seaburn’s third literary novel, CHARLIE NO FACE, was released this week by Savant Books. I first read a draft of this novel in the summer of 2009, and was impressed by its guileless young narrator and by David’s sensitive way of handling a radically disfigured main character. The editors of Savant Books were impressed, … Read More »