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The Fat Lady Sang

I was sitting up and angry, which was a good sign. The old lady who’d hit me with her Prius was standing next to my bike in the middle of the street, and a few inches away from my bleeding leg were her feet. She was dressed all in taupe, and from her taupe summer … Read More »

This Is Your Valentine

What matters to me on Valentine’s Day, what’s worth saying in a national storm of pink and red mylar balloons and overpriced greeting cards, is thank you. It has been a big year for love. So, thank you for wearing a rainbow, even if you’re straight. Thank you for painting Facebook red with HRC’s logo … Read More »

Notes from a Jailbreak

1.  If you have to run first, don’t run for miles. It’s better to swim away from the prison first, so that when you are a half-mile between the rock and the shore, your calf doesn’t bunch up into something the size and elasticity of a baseball. It’s difficult to swim successfully from Alcatraz with … Read More »

Defining marriage, one friend at a time.

Last week began with a phone call in the dark hours of Monday morning and ended 1,233 miles away in Miamiville, Ohio. In other words, it began with a death and ended in a wedding; and along this  arc between one human experience and another, I felt a Merlin-esque sense of aging backwards, of seeing still-young … Read More »