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“One time, at band camp…”

Somewhere along the paved slope of a road known ruefully as Nasty Grade, my wife Erin gasped these words over her handlebars. It took a minute, but the other dozen riders us–hypoxic and churning the pedals up the steep central Californian road–finally realized she was joking, and laughed. We’d been thinking the same thing: How can … Read More »

Starting Line: Thoughts on the 2014 Race Season

This week, the Oakland Triathlon Club announced its 2014 Elite Team. I’m extremely humbled to be a part of this group, which includes some of the Bay Area’s most promising athletes: Ian Ballentine, Christina Liebner, and coach Mitchell Reiss. We are already training for a very full season of Olympic-distance races: our top events include Wildflower, Escape … Read More »

Notes from a Jailbreak

1.  If you have to run first, don’t run for miles. It’s better to swim away from the prison first, so that when you are a half-mile between the rock and the shore, your calf doesn’t bunch up into something the size and elasticity of a baseball. It’s difficult to swim successfully from Alcatraz with … Read More »

Sunburned, sore, and satisfied

I said I would never run a marathon. Marathons are long, bad for the knees, unnecessarily strenuous, require a lot of training time I don’t have… And as it turns out, they’re a healthy way to feel satisfied with one’s progress. So I ran one. It hurt. And I’m happy about it. My father belongs … Read More »