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Dissecting Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel Award: An Interview with Semifinalist Tony Russo

Tomorrow, Amazon will name the winners of the Breakthrough Novel Award, its annual career-maker contest. This year over five thousand novelists submitted their manuscripts to a grueling elimination process that winnows entries down to a handful, to be chosen among by popular vote. The grand prize winner receives a $15,000 advance and a contract from … Read More »

On loglines, and a request for help. (Warning, writerly geekery ahead!)

The November writers conference is looming. Last week, the organizers asked us to submit our manuscript’s first two pages with a logline in the header. Logline, I thought, triggering a chain of associations. Log jam. Writer’s block. Screwed! Agent Jennifer De Chiara and super-helpful tweep defined it this way on today’s Twitter feed. It’s just … Read More »

On backing off

This Christmas Santa brought a heart rate monitor. Putting the pointy-headed intricacies of heart-rate training aside for a moment, what the numbers showed me was that my normal workout pace is a hair’s breadth away from my normal quitting pace. Ask E, who trained with me most of last summer. Many of those workouts were … Read More »

…longed for the rhythmic pounding of the surf, and the salty sea air.*

What news? Pending my annual, five-day writing retreat at Rockaway Beach, I wanted to update my blog in grand Internet fashion: using a lot of words to say, basically, nothing much. Reseach on Book 2 continues at a loping pace thanks to Matt Beynon Rees, the prolific former Jerusalem bureau chief for TIME, whose information-dense … Read More »

And then the alarm went off, and the dream faded, and green numbers said it was time to get up.*

At the beginning of August, I joked with Jeffrey Richards that we’d come to the month where we stop counting rejection letters, and just collect the out-of-office replies. Like the therapists, the literary agents go away–and so, it seemed, did my ambition. Four of my submissions are floating around greater Manhattan, and I haven’t done … Read More »

Submissions update

A partial manuscript and full manuscript submission are still pending, and the good news of a few weeks ago (a cold query that turned into a request for a partial) came back with a form rejection last week. It’s been two months since the conference, and I am now wondering if I should query the … Read More »