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Thanks to Lizette Wanzer’s amazing grant workshop at the San Francisco Grotto, I spent some time putting myself out there for new writing opportunities this year. I’m beyond pleased to say that two of these grant applications were approved. One is a Creative Capacity Fund Quick Grant that will enable me to attend BinderCon in … Read More »

On elections and balanced rocks

I visited Sausalito for my birthday. You can see it here. Tuesday’s election made me look at this picture a little more closely. I took it while I sat along Bridgeway Street, watching a guy—whom people applauded and called Bill—stack these stones and flotsam into stable, vertical columns. He had very long arms and big … Read More »

The Portland Express

I have been meaning to reintroduce myself to this blog. On July 15, E. and I set off on a cross-country move from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine–a long trip that left surprisingly little time for pleasure reading. Still, I made it across fourteen states and through David Pressfield’s Gates of Fire, and have unpacked … Read More »

…longed for the rhythmic pounding of the surf, and the salty sea air.*

What news? Pending my annual, five-day writing retreat at Rockaway Beach, I wanted to update my blog in grand Internet fashion: using a lot of words to say, basically, nothing much. Reseach on Book 2 continues at a loping pace thanks to Matt Beynon Rees, the prolific former Jerusalem bureau chief for TIME, whose information-dense … Read More »

The cosmic I is watching you

A few weekends ago I attended a three-hour memoir workshop with screenwriter and memoirist Annick Smith— (Belated post, I know. I’ve also been moving across town, and you would have no idea how well and neatly I had packed my old apartment with things I didn’t need. Lessons learned: accept only edible gifts, love your … Read More »