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On loglines, and a request for help. (Warning, writerly geekery ahead!)

The November writers conference is looming. Last week, the organizers asked us to submit our manuscript’s first two pages with a logline in the header. Logline, I thought, triggering a chain of associations. Log jam. Writer’s block. Screwed! Agent Jennifer De Chiara and super-helpful tweep defined it this way on today’s Twitter feed. It’s just … Read More »

The Portland Express

I have been meaning to reintroduce myself to this blog. On July 15, E. and I set off on a cross-country move from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine–a long trip that left surprisingly little time for pleasure reading. Still, I made it across fourteen states and through David Pressfield’s Gates of Fire, and have unpacked … Read More »

Beta e-book launch!

As part of my hands-on research in the world of e-books and self-publishing, I have posted a short multi-format e-book for novelists on Smashwords.com. The Editor’s Lexicon: Essential Terms for Novelists contains over 175 of the most common editing terms I use in the course of my work. I wrote it in response to many … Read More »

A week of one’s own

The writing retreat was productive. Lots of people asked me about it, too. But from their questions, though, the meaning of “writing retreat” is cloudy. It’s not a conference. It’s not a communal affair at all. It was a learning experience–every foray into silence is–but there were no workshops, students, teachers, or classrooms. Here’s what … Read More »

…longed for the rhythmic pounding of the surf, and the salty sea air.*

What news? Pending my annual, five-day writing retreat at Rockaway Beach, I wanted to update my blog in grand Internet fashion: using a lot of words to say, basically, nothing much. Reseach on Book 2 continues at a loping pace thanks to Matt Beynon Rees, the prolific former Jerusalem bureau chief for TIME, whose information-dense … Read More »

And then the alarm went off, and the dream faded, and green numbers said it was time to get up.*

At the beginning of August, I joked with Jeffrey Richards that we’d come to the month where we stop counting rejection letters, and just collect the out-of-office replies. Like the therapists, the literary agents go away–and so, it seemed, did my ambition. Four of my submissions are floating around greater Manhattan, and I haven’t done … Read More »

What’s next?

In progress is a second novel. In the spirit of John Berger’s From A to X and some of Ursula K. LeGuin’s short fiction, the new novel takes place in an almost-but-not-quite-recognizable Middle Eastern country, where two young men are struggling to escape to the Far East in search of work. What holds them back … Read More »