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Shoplifters Will Be Shot

In the heat of the Ferguson protests, it was hard to look at Darren Wilson’s corn-fed, supposedly bruised face and not suspect you’re looking into the eyes of white privilege. Or flat-out racism. If anything, the months since the verdict–verdicts–have showcased the ease with which an individual can become a synecdoche, an effigy, or a martyr. I … Read More »

Brave on the Page: A conversation about creative courage with Gigi Little

Portland, Oregon’s authors have many friends in common, and it’s a good day when two more of us meet, making its community even tighter. I had the honor of meeting Gigi Little this fall when our friend-in-common, author Laura Stanfill, included us in Brave on the Page: Oregon Writers on Craft and the Creative Life, an anthology … Read More »

A few notes from Robert Pinsky’s “Is Vision the Twin of Speech?” (Bernard Osher lecture at Portland Art Museum).

As a past national Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky launched the Favorite Poem Project, a collection of ordinary Americans reading lines from their favorite poems. The project grew from his conviction, which he expressed at tonight’s lecture at the Portland Art Museum, that America struggles from a lack of a unified folk culture and of a … Read More »

Indie book advertising that works?

Yesterday, Lit agent Kristin Nelson wrote a blog post on Pub Rants–“Advertising That Works?“–that suggests a new way to publicize books. Ever hear of Groupon.com? It helps independent local businesses offer deals to local customers, sometimes at huge discounts. She sums it up like this: It introduces subscribers to local companies that they might not … Read More »

A few tools for writers with websites

Here are a few free tools for networking with other writers, getting the word out about your website, and evaluating its performance. … Also, the frequency of my posts about building an online presence are probably misleading. Despite appearances, I am not spending hours online, am indeed writing a new novel, and am keeping up … Read More »